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Tactical Window + Breacher / Pry-Axe 24




This multi purpose tool was created mainly for tactical units. Its main features are its lightweight and its versatility. In fact, the TWB-590 is like 4 tools in 1!

Breaking / shattering any glass patio door is a piece of cake for the TWB-590. Furthermore, it helps you get out of the way either the curtains or the blinds very fast so you can go in safely.

Plus, using the other end of the SPA-590, you have now a strong Pry-Axe tool. Its profiled head enables you to insert it between a door and the door frame to force it in. No need for a sledgehammer or any other device to insert it.



One-year warranty from the manufacturer


Technical file to print


** Important read these warnings **




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The TWB-590 can do the work on any type of window and even can be used when apprehending suspects inside a vehicle, just like when you use the Tactical Glass Breaker (TGB-590)

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